Add minimum channel call costs to Voipnow

We have come to a situation whereby we are unable to accurately reflect what we are being charged by our supplier in Voipnow.

The supplier (Magrathea, one of the biggest SIP providers in the UK) have a £0.01 minimum call cost for any chargeable calls over their channels.

We use fixed cost charging plans with per destination overrides for customers, so we are able to reflect this charging model by changing the "charge indivisible" time so that we charge 1 pence for a certain number of seconds, and then charge per second after that.

However we are unable to reflect this charging policy in our the channel costs. We could set a call setup charge of 1p, but this is also not accurate, as this would charge 1p and then add the per second cost of the call. Magrathea charge 1p and only start charging when the call cost goes above 1p, which is what we achieve using the fixed cost charging plan.

This means that the system is unable to accurately calculate call profit for these calls.
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