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Caller ID of extended local calls.

Caller ID on extended local calling. This is a big problem.

When one of my clients calls another clients DID, the 1sts Clint's organization and extension number shows up.

Not only does it show up but... The user information arrives in a pop up!! So company name, user name, email address and extension.

Almost lost a client the other day because of this. Might still .

This problem leads me back to an issue I mentioned that is not fixed. When I disable extended local calling, this should stop 1111*201 from dialing 2222*201. But what it ALSO stops is 1111*201 from. Calling the DID assigned to the second client.

If 1111*201 dials a DID the call should be handled the same whether it is on or off my network. As I've said before.... If I sell so well that I sold my whole country and turn off extended local dialing... No one would be able to make phone calls!!

So... If 1111*201 dials 2222*201.... Sure ... Show the data as an extension in reports...but... If 1111*201 dials 999-999-9999 and it belongs to 2222*201 ... Neither party Needs to suddenly know they purchase from the same carrier let all! By rights it's almost a breach of privacy as the calling party would not know that more than just their selected callerid and name are given to received party.

This needs an option to be turned off... Or the logic of extended local calling needs to be fixed ASAP!!
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