Improved shopping cart - LNP's, LIDB insertions, DID's, T-shirs, or coffee mugs etc

I'd like a way to charge my customers for LNP's, LIDB insertions, and DID's through 4psa.

The ability to sell one-off products in 4psa would make this a one-stop solution for all of your Voipnow resellers.

Currently your customers are forced to run an additional billing solution and shopping cart such as WHMCS or Quickbooks to invoice for LNP's and other misc charges. This means their customers receive 2 invoices, have 2 customer portals, and 2 shopping carts (potentially). Lets develop 4psa the rest of the way and make it a complete billing/cart solution! :)

FYI: this was originally posted in the questions section but I moved it to ideas:
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