Save position in queue with a call back when their position is ready to be answered


I have seen this feature pop up more and more over the last year or so when I have called into support, sales etc... for various companies. They have an option in the queues where you are asked if you want to hang up and save your spot. When your call is ready is ready to be answered, it uses the caller id that you called in from to call you back. If you select that you want to save your position, it provides you with the estimated wait time then asks if you want to be called back on the number in the caller id (I assume if you select no it will ask you to input a number). You record your name and hang up. This way, callers are not just sitting on their phones in the queue during heavy call volumes. When they call back, you have to press 1 to verify that you want to accept the call.

Found this very useful and seems like it would be something callers/customers would use a lot.

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