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VN Desktop Client replacement

From the 4PSA wiki article discussing upgrades to VN3 from previous versions, I found the following statement(http://wiki.4psa.com/pages/viewpage.a...):

"VoipNow Service Provider edition is not compatible with VoipNow Desktop. A future version of VoipNow Desktop might support it. Currently there is no ETA for this."

Since a desktop client with Outlook/TAPI integration, not to mention presence and messaging, is now standard on pretty much all PBX's with IP integration (Avaya IP Office, Cisco UC, etc. etc.) this seems like a backwards step.

At the moment although the VN Desktop Client is unsupported and imperfect it does give users some way to dial contacts from Outlook etc. As things stand, if we were to upgrade to VN3, we would be removing some functionality from existing users of the desktop client.

Therefore I suggest that a replacement for the Desktop Client should be an urgent consideration, in this day and age, a hosted system without this functionality is a step behind the competition.
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